Monday, August 31, 2009

AccBLOGability Monday!

Hi friends! Here we go, let's get this started! Remember you don't have to participate in every area, just the one(s) that you want to focus on! Share your awesome strides this week, how you've been unstoppable in maintaining, or you're stuck in a bowl of lime jello and it's been a tough week. But through sharing we can encourage and support each other! Or you can just give an encouraging comment too.
How did you do this week? Here's how I did:
Reading The Bible
I Fail. Oh that is tough. I hate failing. First, it's God's word and I'm supposed to read it. Boo for me. I pray throughout the day especially with the little ones thanking God for everything that He does for us, but... it's no sit down, be quiet, and read His word time. Second, I liked school. I said it. I enjoyed learning. Not the drama of cool and not cool (still can't stand that!) but I could also organize a notebook like nobody's business and I loved it. In high school and college, in most cases, if I got an A- (or below), I had to know why (if it wasn't obvious), and most likely talk to the teacher or professor about how that would could be changed to an A. We will not even get started on the Ge0l0gy course that ruined my GPA, my only C+, I'm not bitter. I'm not. sigh. But I should be spending just as much time worrying about my failing grade here. This week I will start to read again. Not sure what yet.

Eating Well
Oh I'm doing so much better again! No more excuses of eating what I want because my body needed it for the pregnancy=) Darn! But we do have desserts, and for now that won't change. Something bad might happen. I don't want my non-sweet-eating self to come out on my family. See it's for their sakes. I'm just too thoughtful. The exercising is so the desserting can still occur. But I do need to turn the munching into more healthy munching. We're trying to eat in as much as possible, for budget's sake (hrmph =)) and our belly's (and booty's, oh the booty) sake. Super easy and you can get all on sale!: Rotissserie chicken, bag of salad, bag of easy steam veggies (like pop it in the microwave in the bag and done!). Cut chicken, steam veggies, pour lettuce and instasalad. And it tastes good because the chickens are well seasoned. And you can only slightly ruin it with light Ranch=) I know there are healthier dressings. But I have to be in the-healthy-dressing mood. ha.

Yay for me! We've been walking everyday for the past week. Sometimes even twice a day. And tennis most days too! We walk to the courts, play, and walk home. I love walking as a fam because as the little ones are strolling we all just chat and talk about anything and everything - and listen to BabyBoy sing and talk. Love it. I've lost a couple pounds in the past week! Now, I need to keep it up so they keep coming off!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

All In A (Great) Week

`Got out for sushi lunch and walking around the mall last Friday! What what!! Hubby pretty much took the day off. Yay! Salmon (especially) and tuna nigiri* are our faves. Yuuummy!! What's your fave?
`Got a few new tops (to cover ma belly) from 0ld Navy. This one (I'm branching out again, I haven't really been a purple wearer) is on sale for $10! It's soft. And we had a coupon!

`Played tennis 4 times in the past two weeks! Hello getting back in shape, it's nice to meet you. I think we're going to be good friends! We are! It has felt so good and Hubby and I love playing together. It's 2 minutes from our house, yay! Took the little uns with us one time too=), other 3 times - thank you Grandma! Didn't have the camera these times [I may have been what I consider "unpresentable"]... it won't happen again. =) But here is our sweet laughin' guy from last week in his tennis pr0 shirt! `I am bribing motivating myself with a few new workout clothes (that fit=)). Sale and coupon! Would you expect anything else=)? I put them on - instamotivation - and I have to exercise! ;)

[these clothes in those (below) colors, you can see the styles better on the invisible manequins=) ha.]

`We love getting this sweet one to smile! We say, "say ahhhhhh" and "ohhhhhh" and he tries his little darndest and gets the cutest coos and smiles out! We're not biased at all.

We went to playgroup this morning which we were so excited about. Socializing is to Mommy as Playing is to BabyBoy as Sleeping is to Next Edition as Amazing HubbyDaddy is to the Hubs! I was so excited that Hubby came =) His first question was - are there going to be any other guys there... My answer - a smile. ha. I love him!

*Sushi source

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Time To Bring It Back

I don't know about you, but I can be self motivated to accomplish a lot of things... the desire to organize (oh I get excited... I'm a big dork), shop (whether I buy something or not), have fun with Hubby, friends, and our babies, eat sweets (I have a problem=))... but sometimes I need accountability to have real progress in other areas... like exercising consistently, eating well, and reading my Bible (and mopping but I won't count that right now)!

Let's talk. {1} We just had a baby and I gained 50 pounds. Yes 50. Whew! I gained even more the first preggy, but I got to blame part of that on complications. ;) We're all ok! Except for my ego right now. I feel like it came off so much faster last time and this time like it loves me more than I love it and it's just hanging on. I know it's only been 6 weeks but still! I have 30 lbs to lose. I'm feeling gross friends. You'll only see pics of me head on... I fear if my belly is seen from the side someone will ask, "You still got another baby in there?" I (semi) kid. My incredibly sweet Hubby tells me I'm beautiful, hot, and sexy everyday... I would love to believe him (always been a struggle for me). {2} We just moved about a month before Next Edition was born so we've been in transition for... too long. And I admit I haven't been reading my Bible. And I need to; to be a better role model for the bebes, a better wife, and a more "ready to share" knowledgeable child of God. {3} I love food. I said it. And I ate a little more, haha, a lot more of what I wanted when I was preggy, because that's what my body needed=). I will tell you right now friend, I'm never going to give up sweets and I'm not going to eat organic cardboard everyday. We're just getting back to eating healthy and exercising and maintaining that healthy lifestyle. No excuses anymore!=)

It's time to bring back: AccBLOGability! Accountability + (the fabulous world of) Blogging = AccBLOGability.

I need to do this for myself because it's just not working to just say I'm going to do better, but I would LOVE it if you would join me too! Once a week (I'm thinking Mon or Fri but if you prefer a different day speak up girls) I'll post AccBLOGability Friday and share how I'm doing. This is going to be a place where you can share you're progress or struggles in one, two, or all three areas. No pressure. You can simply write you're doing the same, better, or it's been a tough week, or you can share specifics and what's been working or not working for you. We can share ideas, recipes, tips, fun workouts, study books, or how you're reading the Bible. You can either comment or blog more in depth about your progress. It can be a short post, bullets, or a full on how you did that week. Or you can just comment to share any ideas you have or encouragement for other blogettes. Even if you're already on a program. It always helps to know others going through the same thing! Either way, join along and encourage and support fellow blogettes in any or all of these areas!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some Must Haves - A Cow That Laughs?, Say no to spatter, and Punky!

I loved hearing what you had to say about Tvs in the boudoir! I'll let you know what we decide=) Now some must haves!

1. Are you looking for some more cheese to get addicted to? You know we love us some cheese. Here it is. So smooth. So light. It just melts on the cracker and melts in your mouth. Hold on to your curds friends, it a mere 35 calories! 35. I know! My Mom picked some up and we had it for the first time last night. Mmmm. And if you don't like swiss (I did not used to like swiss but it's growing on me) no worries, it is so light and refreshing, I don't even think it tastes like swiss and you can't smell it from across the room. Get some. I think I should get a free lifetime supply now, yes?


2. Microwave spatter c0vers. Who wants to clean dried spatter off the top of the microwave. I don't have time or a crumb of a desire to scrub that. haha. ha. h. I'm sorry, I told you I was a dork. These are great! You're going to want some - I propose at least two so if one is in the dishwasher you've got your spare - if you don't already have any. And I'm going to want some of those tortellini they're makin' on that red plate. Yuuummy!


3. A Punky t-shirt. Ok, I don't have one, but I should. Do you remember Punky Brewster? She was adorable, spunky, funny, and just so dang cute. She always knew what to say. She made me laugh, she made me cry. She could always score a laugh. I wanted to be like her. I was obsessed with her cute scruffy voice and her adorable freckles. Anyone out there with freckles... embrace them. They're so cute! I almost bought a volume of Punky yesterday at B0rders. It was just laying there in a small sale bin for $5. I might have to go back. =)



Happy Wednesday friends!!! Ahh it's Thursday isn't it. Happy Thursday friends!!! =)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TV In The Boudoir?

We have never had a tv in our bedroom. What? Ok, we had a tiny tv in our room in our old townhouse for a short period of time but we really never used it. It was too far from the kitchen. ha. jk. We always heard the christian teaching that the bedroom is for two things... s e x shhhh =) and sleep. But hello reality are you there?

...How about 1. sometimes feeding a baby, 2. reading, [we used to go upstairs early, i.e. 9pm, and just read before bed, we so need to get back to that! it felt so good.] 3. the occasional laptop, [occasional... this might be one of those "2 laptops" occasions...] 4. rushing around the room getting ready saying I have nothing to wear, complaining about my hair or my butt in these pants [real romantic], and 5. possibly munching on snacks stashed in a side table drawer or next to your side of the bed =)? [Not me, I'm just sayin'. Ok it's me, but it's been so long! In HS & college I had a stash... Cheez Its, chocolate, peanuts, I can't even remember now! I blocked it out like it never happened. I hate going to bed hungry. I just lay there and think about how hungry I am. And after the 11pm baby feeding (in bed=)), after my final energy and dinner is sucked out of me, sometimes I have a little munch. Sometimes. I try to just drink water but sometimes it's not enough. I know it's terrible. I used to try to trick myself by brushing my teeth. You can't ruin a good teeth brushin' by eating again. Ok, that didn't always work either. Back to the question at hand!]

We've contemplated getting a tv for a while though because wouldn't it be so nice to be able to cuddle and watch our shows and relax in bed... and there's a good deal on a perfect bedroom lcd tv=).

Do you have a tv in your bedroom? Good, bad... snacks? =)

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Cake and The Theme!! BabyBoy's 2nd B-Day Par-tay

We had BabyBoy's 2nd B-Day party on Saturday! [He turned 2 at the end of June but had to wait for the big partay because we moved and then had Next Edition=).] My Mom has a lot of the party pics on her camera so today is about the theme and cake!

My Mom always used to make fun cakes for our birthdays. I was so excited to continue the tradition and design and make special cakes for our little ones!

Last year was sports... My first big, intricate cake! I was excited about the grass border around the top and the tufts of grass in the outfield too, ha! The baseball is a cake too! - we lifted it off to be his cake=)!

[Daddy played baseball (the best shortstop around!), tennis, a little soccer, basketball, plays flag football, and softball now. And I played a little basketball, we played pick up games in college (so fun!), football too=), and we played a couple coed softball seasons together (other ones I was either pregnant or had a broken finger=)], and tennis! And BabyBoy plays them all now!!

This year was music! He LOVES everything music. It is so sweet! My first tier and fondant (and funfetti) cake!!! I made the violin, bow, and colored notes out of fondant too!

Close ups of the violin, bow, back, and the cake=) Click on a pic to enlarge.

He LOVES playing his violin, his little piano, and Uncle Paul's old guitar. He LOVES watching and asks all the time for the arts channel - the conductors, orchestras, solos pieces, opera, and dancing. He LOVES singing Je sus Loves Us, ABCs, Tawinkle Tawinkle=), Row Row Row, This Little Light, Scale with solfege Do re mi..., Old McDonald, The B.I.B.L.E, Happy Birthday song, I know I'm forgetting some=)! He LOVES conducting or playing the piano or strumming the guitar and singing at the same time time, it is so cute! He LOVES listening to orchestra music in the car (he asks whenever we have anything else on=)).

Oh and the music on the staff on the top of the cake is Je sus Loves Me=) since it's one of his favorite songs to sing! Can't wait to post the rest of the party pics! We had a great time and my Mom again was incredible again in helping! We were up until after 3am on Sat getting ready, she (and Hubby) was doing food & decorations and I was doing the cake. It cracks me up because we've all done several big parties in the past couple months and we stay up so late that we get sooo giddy, making jokes, acting goofy, and just cracking up and having so much fun together. But my Mom and Hubby have said no more big parties for a while=)! ha!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tears In My Eyes.

Standing at the sliding glass door looking out over our deck with Little Boo in my arms, telling him about the trees, and green leaves, the blue sky, and the (I wish I could say white but they were gray [boo], ha) clouds.

I told him that God made it all. Just like He made you. And then thought to myself, made exactly how He designed. And I couldn't say anything else.

I was there in that moment where all stresses or worries, whether big or ridiculously small, completely melted away. All I could do was swallow the lump in my throat, gaze at our little guy, and contemplate how amazing God is and how incredibly thankful I am for all my boys and every blessing big and small He provides for us everyday.

Tears in my eyes.
BabyBoy loves the ARTS channel. Watching the orchestras, the conductors, solo pieces, opera, and dancing. So he was dancing with Daddy here just like they were dancing on tv=) So precious.

I hope you are having a wonderful and blessed day=)!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Remember when we drove across the country [when I was 31/32 wks preggy=)]?? One of our stops we got to visit our great friends in 'Bama! Right when we decided to drive they were #1 on our must visit list=)

They are the types of friends that no matter how long it's been since we've seen them, it's right back to good ole times and laughs like no time has passed, except we just keep adding childrens to the gang=) ha. Just like our visit to Kansas too=). We play games, or chill watching tv, eat lots of food, don't ever forget the sweets (including crack, mmmm! ha! I'll have to see if she'll give the recipe out=)), DQ, laugh, have real conversations, spend New Years together playing poker and prank calling family and friends with a toy that when you turn it upside down it moos like a cow and our other friends making other very real animal noises. It seems quite silly when you just read it but we were quite entertained=) And sometimes there wasn't even with alcohol, haaa!

Here are pics from our visit! We had a great time! And played W ii for the first time=)! There was only a minor injury =) I might have wacked Hubby's elbow with a great tennis shot!

BabyBoy had a blast playing with their five little ones! He and Ellen are close in age and had the cutest "conversations" while they played=)! They got to play in the fountain in the backyard! We all went out for southern food at Jack and somebody's (?? LL? ha.)... after it took us an hour to decide where to get authentic southern food but not too far away ha!

Hubby playing with the youngest cutie with the twins smilin' in the background=)

BabyBoy's first time on a trampoline =) I was not nervous at all... haaa!

All the little ones (minus their youngest babe=)). BabyBoy is second from the left=)

Thank you guys so much for your incredible hospitality!! We can't wait to come visit again! Next time you have to let us cook or provide some meals too=)! And our house is ready for your visit too!! When are you coming=)?! Love you guys!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Don't Have a Foot Complex

Anymore!! Conversation with my Mom... I can't remember where we saw the soon-to-be, said box, but here it was...
Me: Wow, that box is small.

My Mom: That box fits a pair of shoes?

Me: I don't see how a pair of shoes could fit in there.

Mom: Well not yours.

hahahaha!! Thanks Mom, thanks! I can laugh about it now...ha! She used to make jokes all the time when I was in high school and college (and possibly younger, I think I just blocked it out - breaking news just talked to Mom and she said indeed it was even in 4th and 5th grade, and I was in her shoes already, allegedly =)) about how big my feet were. She always called my shoes clodhoppers, which I just found out meant this! And joked that she would trip over my feet because they were so big. I'm just over 5'7" and wear around a 9 1/2, depending on style and brand. =) Although, I'm convinced that I've shrunk over time and my feet have changed sizes too! Anybody?! At one time I wore an 8 1/2 (and no it wasn't when I was five... or before I was "fully grown" ha, or my first pair of shoes - thanks for that one Mom) and now sometimes wear a ten (in flips). I used to have a complex that my feet were huge (and would have just assumed buy and squeeze my feet into a pair of shoes 3 sizes too small to make them appear smaller) but I am now very comfortable with my feet, even at 38 weeks pregnant!

Friday, August 7, 2009

This Called For A Shower and Smiles

If you follow me on twitter, you saw... "Hubby said we get to go out to dinner 2nite=)! He stated n I agree, we all need to get out of the house! woohoo! This calls for a shower.=)"

[we are trying not to eat out in an effort to save moola in our current power save mode, hence my even greater excitement to go out=), more on that in another post.]

We headed to Outback (we weren't fans for a long time bc Hubby could make better steaks at home but we're back on board; yummy salad, cheese fries, I usually get salmon) but before we left, BabyBoy came over and started holding his little bro's hand! Then without us saying anything, knowing we were going out, attempted to pick him up to help Daddy put him in his carseat =). Then wanted to hold him =). So precious!

BabyBoy shared our salads. He loves him some salad, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, he'll even eat onions!! =) [we, especially Hubby, worked heavy on the you will eat what we put in front of you=) when he was younger and he does great job with eating pretty much anything, some things need more coaxing=)] And if he eats something with a lot of spices or a little spicy, he just makes a cute little face and says, "That was spicy, I'll take a drink of milk." Love it!

Snapping some pics at home=)!

A smile!!! A real for real smile, it was not gas people, it was not gas. I was talking to Next Edition, yes with the happy I love you, Mommy voice trying to get him excited (Hubby does it too, so cute) and well you can see in the pics (well the end of the smile bc of our camera=)). You can't see the enormous smile on my face in these pics but believe me it was there=)!

Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! We're going to try to go for a hike and then start getting ready for BabyBoy's B-day party for the next weekend! I need to make a practice cake!!! I hope you have a great day lovely ladies!!

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