Monday, January 31, 2011

Mommy Cards

A business card for Mommys! Stay-at-home or working!

Have you ever been out and about, at MOPS (or similar mommy group), church, a music or gym class, or a playgroup and wanted to exchange information with another mommy or friend, then go on a mini adventure to search for a pen and paper in your purse, set down everything you're carrying, except for a cute potentially squirmy little one, and write down all of your information?! Well hang on a precious moment, friends!

What if you had a Mommy Card?! [Can you tell I love this idea? ;-) (it's not new and it's not mine but I love it :))]

Now you can just whip out your cute Mommy Card with all of your details on it, including the names of your little ones (and Hubby - it's always nice to know the name of the fam, it's so easy to forget before you start hanging out as families), phone number, email, address...

It makes it easy to set up playdates and exchange information without the hassle of excavating a piece of paper and a writing implement in the "trying to scale it down but can't" purse that was once obsessive compulsively organized but has become a complete disaster ;)!


This is the one I ordered last week :) - my first Mommy Card! I looks so much cuter without all of the white cover ups ;-) You can add any information, organize or word it however you'd like. I got mine through Vistaprint where you can get 250 cards for "free" and just have to pay shipping and handling.

Have you gotten Mommy Cards or cute business cards before? Where have you ordered from?

*I was not paid or compensated to write this, I am just very excited about it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BabyBoy Singing - Oh Holy Night and Solfege Scale

We interrupt sweet chunky cheek baby pics to bring you BabyBoy (ETA [1/31]): 3 1/2 yrs old) singing! :)

He loves to sing! We are a music loving house! He makes up his own tunes and words to songs (just like Daddy, so funny! :)). He sings and play the piano, his little violin, the guitar, and while dancing. Love it! I'll have to post him beat-boxing and dancing too :) I've been meaning to post him singing for forever but here are a couple from Christmas Day!

Oh Holy Night - always a fave in our family :) and if you listen carefully, you can hear Little singing too! ahh love it :) He usually sings it even more on but this was the sweet version I got that day :) I have a video of BB singing it last year (with no help) too that I'll have to find on another computer! :)

The Solfege Scale - he normally sings it a little faster and straight up and down but this time it appeared he was going for a little more dramatic effect. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What we've been up to the past five days :)

Hellooooo!! Thank you for all of the Littlest love you've been sending! I wish I could give each of you a big hug :)

We ended up only staying at the hospital Saturday night and came home on Sunday evening! We said as long as she was healthy and I was doing ok, we'd save a bunch of money (new insurance, yuck) and go home and be with the whole fam. :) (and it earned me a little shopping moneys since we saved so much, hehe)

What have we been up to? Enjoying our sweet HM! She is so sweet, and content, and alert (when she's awake ;)), we are SO excited and blessed to add her to our family!!


At the hospital







Getting to take our HM home!!!


Enjoying all of her sweetness at home



Going to her first doctor appointment :)

In four days she was back up to 9lbs 13oz, just about her birth weight! :) She's 97th percentile for height and over 97th percentile for weight. She knew she'd need to be a good size to keep up with her brothers! :)


Meeting her two big brothers!!!!! {her onesie says Little Sister, ahh :)}

They have been SO good with her! The first time BabyBoy came in our room and saw her he looked a little scared, not knowing what to think, seeming to process that this was Littlest, from Mommy's belly :) and ever since, he comes over to say hi HM so sweetly and give her soft kisses on the head, oh SO sweet! and Little looks at her and excitedly says, baba! babee! (baby:)). He's very gentle overall, still working on his soft touch, haha, but he also gives her sweet little kisses on the head!



I cannot get over this picture!! It is SO difficult to get everybody to laugh or smile at the same exact time in the same pic - some BabyBoy had a huge laughing smile and others Little had his huge cheesy smile - but we think this one is pretty great!! :)


Not much I can say after that ;-).

My Mom is here this week and I don't know what we would do without her! She is beyond amazing. She's been taking care of the boys, cooking, doing the dishes and laundry, grocery shopping, and helping with HM; we haven't had to ask anything, she just takes initiative to do it all! Annnd, it has allowed us to have alone time with each of the boys too, which we really think has made the transition for them so far so much easier.

Hubby (and my Mom) is taking such good care of me and all the littles! He brings HM to me when she needs to eat (throughout the night too), changes her diaper in between feeding (to help her stay awake enough to eat ;)), plays with her of course. I know I've said it before, but I (and the littles) are be-yond blessed! And I have admit... I have not changed one diaper so far!

Lots of love and big hugs fam and friends!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

She's Here!!!!!!!!

Hi Family and Friends!!!

We are SO excited to finally announce the arrival of our newest edition!!!!!!!!

Littlest made her grand entrance today, January 15, 2011 at 2:06 pm weighing in at 9 lbs 14 oz (yes, you read that right!! :)) and 21.5 inches in length! Mommy went completely non-medicated and everybody is doing great!!!

We can't wait for her to meet everybody!! :)

Lots of love and hugs from the whole Naturally Caffeinated Fam (all five of us!)!!!!!

Look at her little chunky self!!! She is so sweet and we are head over heels in love (again!)!!!!!!





I cannot tell you all how thankful I (and Hubby :)) am for you! Your tweets and texts and love and prayers are beyond amazing! I cannot wait to tell you about the incredible, God planned, night and day that we had! His hand was ALL over it, and we know that your prayers were heard! Thank you for being a part of such a special and amazing day in our lives! We are so happy and excited to share it with you!! Xoxoxo!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Little's Nursery - the Before to Littlest's Nursery :) - and Littlest Update

Little's Nursery! We used the same bedding and furniture that we did with BabyBoy. We decided on a sports theme because Hubby is an all american great sports player. :) I kind of settled on the bedding, I didn't love the color combo, but it was a great deal (and I had never heard of custom bedding :)) and we liked it because it had all of the sports that we like including tennis (Hubby took me out to teach me how to play tennis for our first date! :) he's a great player!). :) I wished I would have put more up on the walls but we all have unforgettable memories with the boys in their nursery :).




{I got the letters crazy clearanced at PBKids and then used fabric glue to attach the ribbon (that I already had) :)}


{the bedding came with a valance for the window that I didn't want to use, so I ended up using it as a runner on the dresser :)}



{We used so many receiving blankets, lots of spit ups ;), I rolled them to go in the basket, could fit a lot and easy to see you wanted to grab :)}

Littlest Update! We were able to get an appointment yesterday* with one of our favorite doctors to see what was up and get her opinion. It was a great appointment and the latest is..... I am 3 cm dilated, 75% effaced, soft, she is -1 station, and our dr stripped my membranes again. She was so surprised we hadn't had the baby already!

We are still praying for tonight (another one of our favorite docs is in the hospital until 7am) or this weekend (even though the doctor who's on this weekend we are not that fond). But we did end up setting up a induction date. I didn't want to be induced for several reasons, but baby girl is just getting bigger and bigger and I would love to be able to have her naturally. Our doctor yesterday was able to move it up (they previously said couldn't be until next wed) so our induction date is this Monday the 17th (with our doctor who delivered both the boys).

The waiting has been getting tougher and tougher! It has been two weeks that Hubby and I have been thinking, today is probably going to be the day! So he's been canceling meetings and staying even closer to home (he works from home most of the time in between all of his meetings) this whole time (which I have loved ;)). We've been keeping the house extra clean for our friends who'll be coming to watch the boys; we keep it pretty clean all the time but people are coming to stay! And we never would have thought we'd go past 40 weeks! BUT we trust that God's timing is perfect.

I just can't wait to hold her in my arms (Hubby too!), and smell her sweet head, hold her skin to skin, see (and just gaze at) her sweet face, and her little self, bring her home, and have her home, with all of us, together.

*We got a call after scheduling the appointment for yesterday saying that we had to cancel and have an appointment next Tuesday because our insurance wouldn't cover the appointment since we were in on Monday, the appointments had to be a week apart. Several minutes later she ended up calling back and saying that since I had called and spoken with a doctor the day before (I was worried about Littlest, worried enough to call...) that we could still come in and insurance would cover it. Littlest is great but is just another instance that God is in control. We were able to have that appointment yesterday that we wouldn't have been able to have unless I made that call the day before. God is in control!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Bump: 40 Weeks!! and Littlest Update

Today we are officially 40 weeks along. 40 weeks! Littlest is just chillin'! Chillin'! She has had a lower heart rate for a girl (old wives' tale) so she is must just be laid back and relaxed, active!, but chill*. :)

Hubby said she's probably doing her hair (we saw it during her 28 week sono!) and getting her little self ready for her big debut and didn't realize she's late, haha!

Baby Bump: 39 1/2 Weeks

{not the best pic and you can't see the cute purple shoes with a little ruffle ;) but tis the memories :)}

Baby Bump: 40 Weeks - This pic was taken last night when we were putting the littles down for nightnight. BabyBoy wanted to see if he could feel Littlest move and then Little ran over to see "baba" too! It was so sweet. I'm getting teary just thinking about it. And BabyBoy said, maybe this is her foot! I'm telling you, BabyBoy has been talking about Littlest even more lately, saying hi, giving her hugs and kisses, saying things would be cute for her, cue the Mommy tears and smiles.

{I normally don't show belly belly pics but I love when they do this :) and tis blurry bc it was taken with Hubby's phone :)}

Cake! - Then I got to thinking (and craving ;)), maybe I should make her a cake and tempt her to come out and see us! So, yesterday, I did! :) I make it super quick so I didn't have time to do a whole nice fun fondant decorated cake and I only had orange, but I went with it :-) Yellow cake with real buttercream frosting! oh yeah! :)




You know you're close when:
1. You walk up the stairs and your legs bonk your belly with every step.
2. You go out to eat with your Hubby and your belly touches the booth when you sit in it.
3. You fly on an airplane and the tray table touches your belly when not in the upright and locked position.
4. The full on waddle, heave ho off of couches, can barely cross your legs, appreciation there is no hidden camera watching you try to roll over in bed at night** ;-).
5. The amount of your (maternity!) closet that fits diminishes almost every day to about 3-5 pieces. ;)
6. You cry during at least one tv show during Hubby tv hang out time every night. :)

We are praying she is completely healthy, no complications, and a little side for me..that she isn't too big for me to birth (non-medicated is still my goal again :))! I've never gone this long before, eep! Though we know, be anxious for nothing (Phil 4:6), Hubby and I have been getting a liiiil anxious because we really thought she'd be hanging with us for a week or two already :) God is in control, God is in control! ;) We seriously are trusting God, we are just so ready to meet our baby girl :) And I can't wait to see everybody in bed like this soon! :)

{this pic was taken in the dark, they were all cuddling together before nightnight, and then got goofy when I came in ;) ah I love it!}

I know I keep saying it, but it's true!... Thank you so much for your prayers, support, love, tweets, texts, gmail chats, and thoughts! You all help, along with my incredible husband, to keep me sane through little (or seem big) worries, and I appreciate it so much! Xoxoxoxoxo!!!

*I started getting worried the past couple days because I wasn't feeling her move as much, as strong, and it was just... different. I know she's getting bigger and dropping which will do that, but it still felt different. I worried what if the cord is wrapped around her neck and I'm not going into labor because my body's trying to protect her and things like that! So Hubby and I decided to go ahead and call the doctor. I did start to feel her a little more, still less and weaker, so we're not going to go in for a non-stress test, just going to keep waiting for our sweet girl.

**I still try to sleep on my left side as much as possible but have to turn sometimes :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Room Makeover (and Littlest Update)

As most of you know, we've been in the process of making over our family room for quite some time now :) Woowee it takes time! Our room was just confused. :) The layout was driving us crazy and we loved hearing all of your suggestions. We are pretty excited with the way it turned out!

ETA: Remember this is the first before and after from when we first moved in!!

We started by getting new furniture, we'd been looking for SO long and were so excited to find such a great deal. :)



Soooo, here is how it looks now! We still have some more little things to do, the decor on the mantel and on the new side tables (love :)) and maybe the wall art needs to be a little different but this was a good start. :)

What we did:
1. Removed the railing in between the family room and kitchen.
2. Built new mantel and put tv up (conclusion was this was the best spot for the tv, left the room the most open)
3. Rearranged furniture and decor.
4. New side tables (, bigger lamps for side tables (crazy good deal at Hobby Lobby), new rug (great deal from We LOVED hearing your votes for the rug. It turned out that Hubby and I chose the one that the least of you chose, oops! :) The reason for our decision was: 1. This was the largest size of all of them and we needed a big one, and 2. We felt like this one was more a more classic design that would "go" better with the rest of the decor of the room and house. :)
5. Hubby replaced ceiling fan.




{the back left (and right) corner is pretty underutilized right now, lots of empty space... maybe a ladder shelf or something would look good if we moved the side table to the other side of the loveseat but then we wouldn't need the tall lamp, I don't know! :)}

New mantel!

{we designed it and just had the mantel itself a little larger so we could set the tv (and screw it down) on the mantel instead of mounting it (very expensive to do, especially into brick, and not as permanent)}

Reading corner by the fireplace :)


Hidden toy corner - we live and play in this room :)


We got some white wire cover/holders from Best Buy and Hubby rigged up the wires so they would be the most hidden they can be! :) You just cut them the length you need, stick them on the wall where you want them and then you can even paint them any color you want.


You know I am no designer so if you ever have suggestions, I always love to hear what you think! :)

Littlest Update
We had our almost 40 week appointment this morning. We are now 2 centimeters dilated and about 75% effaced, Littlest is at -2 station, and I'm pretty soft now. But especially since this is my third delivery, everything could happen pretty fast. There are some more details too but I don't want to anyone to be afraid of TMI ;) but I have no problem talking about it, after having a baby there is no such thing as TMI ;) and with fab friends who haven't had a baby yet but want to know, there's no TMI either ;-). And there are tons of things that you can do to help your body get ready for delivery, let me know if you want to hear about them :).

So here is the crazy updated prayer request :) : It is supposed to snow tomorrow! AND we think she could come tomorrow too (based on our discussion/happenings at today's appt)! There are a bunch of reasons tomorrow morning would be great, including the doctor in the hospital who delivered BabyBoy and Little will be there, and we would be able to make our drive up to the hospital before the snow begins and we won't have to worry about having to make the drive after there is inches of snow on the ground (other drivers, conditions, etc. eep!!). And of course for the health of Littlest!

Thank you thank you thank you! We can't wait to introduce you to her!!!! :) And I will be tweeting as many updates as I can ;) throughout labor and post delivery! :)

Lots of hugs and love, thank you for all of your love, prayers, and support you given us already!!! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

39 Weeks!, Lil Update, and A Nursery Sneaky Peak

Oh my goodness, friends and fam, how are you?? I've missed you all and getting caught up on your fun, cute, selves. I've been a liiiittle tired or not feeling 100%, BabyBoy was sick for a couple days, Little has had four molars that decided to all arrive in his little mouth at the same time, getting more things done before Littlest comes, and I've just needed to spend my energy and time with my fam. :)

On Wednesday the 5th we hit 39 weeks along with Littlest! We thought she might come earlier but she seems to be pretty comfy in there. :) On Tuesday I was 1 centimeter dilated and 75% effaced, not as progressed as I thought I might be, so we'll see!

Baby Bump: 37 1/2 Weeks


Baby Bump: 38 1/2 Weeks


I can't wait to show you the before pics of (Little's) nursery and the completed pics of Littlest's nursery. But here is a little sneaky peak... We put up chair rail and painted pink and ivory stripes on top, our first time with both of those projects! :)

{sorry for the quality, taken with my phone, better pics to come soon! :)}

We are so excited for baby girl to make her little big arrival, any day now!!! And I can't wait to see her little self with all my boys! She already has Daddy wrapped around her little finger. :)

and BabyBoy still comes over, unprompted, gives my belly a kiss and a hug and says, Hi Littlest :), and if we ask Little where the baby is, he comes over and tries to pull my shirt up to see my belly :) When we go to the store BabyBoy picks things up and says this would be great for Littlest ;).


I hope y'all had a great New Year's! I have so much to blog about - our kitchen before and after, family room before and after, fun pics of the babies, fun projects for Littlest's nursery, and so much more! Thank you so much for sticking with me even though I've been MIA! I appreciate all of you and you new followers/commenters too, I look forward to coming to see you soon! :)

Prayer Request: If you have a moment to toss up a prayer for us/me, we/I would appreciate it so much. :) The hospital where we are delivering is about 45 minutes away, NO traffic or hold ups. We are praying for no snow or wintery weather or crazy traffic when it's time. :) (I delivered Little less than an hour after we got the hospital - labored at home and an hour and a half in the car to 8 centimeters!). My goal is to deliver non-medicated again, enough said ;-). We're praying for the the right doctor to deliver us. We're probably not going to get the dr that delivered BabyBoy *and* Little, and there are some things that she knows about what my body does during delivery. And prayer that the boys do great while we're in the hospital, we are so blessed to have Hubby's former boss and his wife to watch the babies (and some great friends to take them right away if needed before they arrive). It's supposed to flurry/snow an inch or so tomorrow! I will not even describe how people drive when they see one snow flake fall from the sky ;-) Eep! :) But since she didn't come today, we're aiming for Saturday now ;-)

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